Students - Student Leadership

Student Leadership 

At St John the Baptist we recognise the leadership potential of every child. Whether leading class discussions, a trust exercise at camp, or a student group on an excursion , students are encouraged to discover and develop their capacity to lead.

St Johns has always fostered and developed leadership opportunities for all students. Every program  is designed to develop students’ confidence and sense of responsibility, their organisational skills and commitment to goals, so that all students may experience elements of leadership. Students are given opportunities to share leadership roles as co-captains – and so learn together. 

The school also provides specific leadership programs such as the Year 6 leadership program where students are appointed into a variety of roles such as School Captains, Vice Captains, SRC , E-Learning, Social Justice, Arts and Sports Leaders. 

In the Junior School, students begin to develop competencies in teamwork, expressing ideas and basic problem-solving – enhancing confidence and self-esteem.

The Middle to Senior School provides more formal training and participation in leadership roles such as the Student Representative Council (SRC) and buddy system and peer support with younger students.