Our School - Enrolment Information

Enrolment Information

Enrolments for Prep are taken the year prior to commencing school. Enrolments open in February and close on the 31st May. Open Day visits and pre organised school tours are offered for prospective parents.

Enrolment procedures are in line with our Enrolment Policy. 

Children must have turned five by the 30th April of their first year of school to be eligible for enrolment.

Students of other Faiths will be considered for enrolment provided it does not result in the exclusion of Catholic students. The parents of these students will be required to give an understanding that they will respect the life, nature and identity of the school.

We also have a comprehensive transition program that eases children into the start of their school life. We want this time in your children’s lives to be a positive and happy experience.


Enrolments shall be consistent with the school’s aim in providing a Catholic education and a general education within a catholic environment.

Enrolments should support the School’s Vision & Mission Statement and the set of Values & Beliefs as published.

Compliance with the School’s regulations shall be a condition of enrolment.

Enrolment numbers shall, within reason be controlled so as to:

  • Provide optimum learning facilities for each child

  • Ensure the size of the school is broadly consistent with the wishes of the school community

 Please note the following in regards to the enrolment procedure:

  • To be eligible for enrolment in Prep your child must turn five years old by 30th April of the year they commence school.

  • Parents looking to enrol their child at our school must fill in an Enrolment Form.

  •  Enrolment forms are available from the school office or alternatively you can download a pdf version from this site.

When assessing enrolment applications the following priority system shall be used:

 NB Siblings will be accommodated within the following priorities.

  • Catholic children who reside in the parish

  • Catholic children who do not reside in the parish but belong to the parish community

  • Catholic children from other parishes (for pastoral reasons)

  • Children from non-Catholic Eastern Churches who reside in the parish

  • Children from non-Catholic Eastern Churches who reside outside the parish

  • Other Christian children who reside in the parish

  • Other Christian children who reside outside the parish

  • Non Christian children who reside in the parish

  • Non Christian children who reside outside the parish

The following documents should be attached with your enrolment form. Please note that a $100 non refundable deposit is required when returning the Enrolment Form. Please note that this does not apply for families who have existing children in the school. This money will be deducted from the first fee instalment when your child commences school. In the event a family completing the Enrolment process and then later deciding to not go ahead with the enrolment the money shall be deemed to be an administrative cost and will be forfeited.

  • A copy of your child's Baptismal Certificate

  • A Birth Certificate

An immunization certificate must be provided for all children, prior to their commencement at school, this can be obtained from your local council.

Enrolment applications close on 31st May of the year prior to your child starting school.

Enrolments may stay open depending on the demand for the available positions.

Individual interviews will be conducted for all new prep enrolment applicants at a date to be decided in third term. This date will be at some time in July. Available times will be advertised through the mail where parents will be asked to contact the school secretary and make an appointment for their child and themselves to see the principal. The meetings take approximately 30 minutes.

If a child is being enrolled for a class other than prep at any time throughout the year an appointment with the principal is required.