Our School - Principal's Message

Principal's Message

I am very grateful to belong to St John the Baptist Parish School community. Our school is fortunate to be blessed with  dedicated and committed staff, parents and students. My role here as Principal is both a privilege and a source of inspiration. We are a collaborative community working in  partnership to achieve the best outcomes for the children entrusted to our care.
St John the Baptist is a Catholic School serving our community with the inspiration of the Gospel of Jesus as our source. 
We believe Parents and Guardians are the first educators of their children. The staff respectfully bring their professional knowledge and skills to complement this partnership in education. Together we build a relationship between home and school that aims for the best learning possible. Together, we aim to provide a school environment that is safe and inclusive. A place where everyone focuses on encouraging effort and where we understand that education involves educating each child as a unique and valued member of our community.
We work together to create a culture that enables children to think creatively, express themselves confidently, follow their curiosity independently and manage their learning in an organised and persistent manner to the best of their ability. We expect our students to work hard and to care for each other and to invest in making St John the Baptist a very positive place of learning.
As a staff, we understand that we are all learners and we are privileged to be part of a profession that has the responsibility to teach others. We strive to educate our students so that they can actively contribute as members of society, now and in the future. We want to use the very best educational tools, professional practices and resources available to us.
We educate in ways that enable students to view their future with hope, secure in the knowledge that they are lifelong learners with the ability to realise their own potential.
Our school is part of the Catholic Education System in Victoria and we are blessed to have such a vibrant and rich network of schools where learning is shared and experiences celebrated. 

Cathy Mason